Monday, January 7, 2008


I realized I didn't review the mac and cheese from the other night. It was awesome. No one even knew there was cauliflower in it! I think it was an 11x7 pan I used to bake it, and there were no leftovers for the next day. Most of it was eaten by the husband, who by the way HATES cauliflower. So being Deceptively Delicious worked!

My tortilla soup from yesterday was okay. I don't think I put enough salsa in it because it didn't have quite the same kick this time as last time. Or I don't know if it was the chicken or what. Last time I made it I used leftover chicken from a whole chicken I had cooked, so there was some dark meat in it, and this time I just cooked up some chicken breasts. I think I caught John's cold, so I'm looking forward to having some of it later, even though it wasn't as good this time.

I had a great dinner planned tonight in honor of the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME (GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!), but since we're sick I don't think I'll make it. Instead we'll wait and have it as a celebratory meal later this week after the Tigers stomp all over the Buckeyes. :) We were going to have the Gouda Crawfish we had for our anniversary dinner. I'm not making that when neither of us feel like eating and won't be able to enjoy it!

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