Monday, January 28, 2008


Gumbo. Was. Awesome. I could leave it at that and call it a decent review. ;) My roux turned out great--probably the best I've ever done. John said I must have channeled Aunt Holly somehow, it was that good. That's a pretty huge compliment because Holly's gumbo is fantastic. I just now realized I forgot to add the file to it. Oops. We had leftovers of it for dinner last night, and there's still probably two or three servings left. I'll have to figure out when to have them because there's no way I'm letting good gumbo go to waste.

The king cake was pretty amazing, too. The recipe makes two, and we ate one of them on Saturday night. I think I'm going to try and make another batch before Mardi Gras happens next Tuesday. I just have to decide when to make it. I may do it Wednesday and take one of them to Book Club for my MOMS Club.

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