Saturday, October 27, 2007


Fan-freakin-tastic. That's how everything we had last night was. The brie was awesome (I took a picture...will upload it and add it sometime this weekend). We actually ended up eating it plain, without crackers or anything, because it was so good.

Then the crawfish. Oh man. OH MAN. Was it ever good. We ate all of it. Every last bite. John finished his before I did and was trying to steal food off my plate. Needless to say, he got his hand slapped. Seriously. It smelled so good while the crawfish was cooking, and the gouda was so good with it. I'd highly recommend it. For those of you in AZ, the only places I've ever seen crawfish tail meat is Walmart and AJ's. Obviously it's much cheaper at Walmart, although I noticed the price had gone up since the last time I bought it.

THe only downside was that our shipment of Hurricane mix didn't get here until 9:00 PM! I guess there's a lot of backlog with all the So Cal fires. John had given up hope it was coming, but I kept praying (literally) and had my fingers crossed. We were actually out front when we saw the truck come around the corner. One of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen. And they're oh-so-tasty. We're actually having another round of them tonight. :)

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