Thursday, October 25, 2007


Bad. The meatloaf was bad. It wasn't meatloaf, it was a pie plate full of fake meat with onions, celery, and BBQ sauce mixed in. I don't know why it didn't hold together and keep its loaf shape, but it didn't. I went to cut a piece for Will and found I had to use a spoon. We ended up eating it on hamburger buns. I am so incredibly bummed. The best part of meatloaf is having a meatloaf sandwich the next day, and I was so looking forward to a meatloaf sandwich. Instead we ended up with something more like sloppy joe's. Definitely won't be making this again. I have no idea what happened...I guess I should look over the recipe again and make sure I had everything right, although I'm almost positive I did.

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