Thursday, August 30, 2007


Sorry, gang, it's leftovers at the Knightly house tonight. That's actually another upside to the crockpot lasagna from last night. Yes, we're having it again tonight, but it should be gone after tonight. Whenever I make regular lasagna, we eat it for lunch and dinner for probably three straight days. Or I end up throwing a lot of it out because we're so tired of it. This seemed to make a good amount for a smaller group.

Tomorrow night we're having some friends over for dinner and doing our usual grilled pizzas. I'm making four--BBQ chicken, margherita, canadian bacon and pineapple, and one other that I haven't decided on. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Since I'm doing cb&p, I'd like one more that's not traditional. So far my fall back is pepperoni, and I'd like something more creative. Let me know if you have any topping combination ideas!


Joanne said...

What about a white sauce? Or artichoke hearts, onions, roasted garlic & feta cheese on an olive oil base. I guess that's not untraditional, but yum, it sounds good. :)

claireknightly said...

Mmm...that DOES sound good! Too bad I'm just now reading this. :)

Hey remember that good veggie pizza and white sauce at Cascade Pizza in Bham? That stuff was AWESOME.