Friday, August 10, 2007

Grilled Pizzas

Well, we didn't end up having the stuffed portobellos last night because the husband wasn't up for them. Bummer. We'll have them at some point because I think they sound super yummy!!! Since he's still sick today, we're not going to have them at all, and instead I'll use the portobellos for fajitas on Sunday night. Stay tuned for that! :)

Our normal Friday dinner is grilled pizzas. We wait until our little man goes to bed around 7:15 and then have a mini date night after he's asleep. Most people are pretty intrigued with the idea of grilled pizzas. They are SO EASY, and in the summer especially they are great because you don't heat up your kitchen with the oven. The dough selection is up to you. Personally, I use frozen bread dough (like Rhodes brand) as our crust. I make two pizzas from one loaf of dough, that way they're easier to flip on the grill and we can have our own toppings. I've also made my own dough before, and it works fine, just more time consuming. I buy our store brand bread dough, and it's $3.50 for five loaves, so I'd rather spend the money than make my own.

Of course, toppings are up to you. We like to use garlic-infused olive oil for our sauce and top the pizzas with tomatos, basil, and mozzarella cheese. That's the one we do most often. Tonight I may use one of the portobellos and do something like feta, portobello, and roasted red pepper on mine. We'll see. I also have stuff to do candian bacon and pineapple, so I'll see what sounds good when it comes time.

Grilled Pizzas
Preheat grill to medium heat. Place dough on grill rack, close lid. Dough will take 5-7 minutes. Check it occasionally for bubbles. Once the bottom is golden brown (or at least not burned...ours don't always get golden brown I guess), flip the crust over. This can be tricky and may require two spatulas, depending on the size of your crust. Turn heat down to low or move pizza(s) to top rack if your grill has one. Put toppings on the side you just cooked. Close lid. Check after five minutes, cook until cheese is melted.


There you have it! Seriously, they are so easy to do and they taste so good!! When we've had friends over for dinner this summer, this is what we've had and people are amazed! I think next Friday we might do BBQ Chicken pizza, which is one of my favorites.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!! I have a Girl's Night Out tomorrow night, so no dinner at the Knightly house. I'll be back on Sunday! :)


Joanne said...

Thank you for the grilled pizza explanation. Our neighbors just got the snazzy Williams-Sonoma BBQ pizza stone, which is awesome - but about $100. Jason's been wanting to hear how other people cook theirs on the grill, so I'll share this with him!

I hope John feels better soon. It seems something is going around.

claireknightly said...

Yeah, we don't use anything under the dough, just throw it right on the grill rack and then flip it. You just have to have all your toppings ready to go when you flip it so you can put them on right away. Otherwise the crust will burn before the cheese melts. I can take pics next time we do it and send you guys if he needs a visual. :)

I hope John feels better soon, too!! The sick husband bit is starting to wear pretty darn thing. ;)