Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pot Roast

So, awhile back the husband went grocery shopping for me which was so nice of him. The store had beef roasts on sale, so I had put them on the list thinking they'd be 2-4 pound jobbers. Nope...they were about 10 pounds! Had I seen that, I wouldn't have bought it, but he didn't know. I cut up the huge hunk of meat into several roasts and froze them individually. I remembered over the weekend I still had them and decided to do pot roast with one.

Now, the last time I made pot roast I tried doing it on the stove top and then in the oven. It was okay, but not nearly as tender as when it cooks in the crockpot. So I went back to the crockpot method this time. I'm a bit concerned because it's been in there for four hours already, and I don't smell anything, nor is it really looking cooked (what can I say, I'm a crockpot peeker). I'm giving it another hour on low and then bumping it up to high.

Crockpot Pot Roast
1 beef roast (I have no idea what specific kind of meat it is I'm using), 2-3 pounds
4 potatoes, peeled and quartered
6 carrots, peeled and cut into large chunks
1 packet onion soup mix
1 can cream of mushroom soup

Place potatoes and carrots in bottom of slow cooker. Place roast on top of vegetables, pour soups over roast. Cover and cook on low approximately eight hours.


Mmmm...I love pot roast. And I love the potatoes and carrots with it. That's why I'm so antsy for it to cook! I don't want a repeat of Tuesday night's red beans and rice fiasco.

My mom used to always end up making pot roast on the days I had gone to the orthodontist to get my braces tightened. She claims now she would have never done that, but I swear she did.

BTW, the husband and I are grilling pizzas tomorrow night. He won't be home until later in the evening, so we're going to eat after the boy goes to bed. If you have any ideas for toppings, leave me a comment! I feel like we're in a pizza topping rut.

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Megan said...

One of our favorite pizzas is the bbq chicken pizza. BBQ sause instead of pizza sauce and pieces of cooked chicken. Carmelized onions goes really good with it.