Monday, April 6, 2009

Vegetarian Frittata

Once again I've found myself in the position of needing to use up Egg Beaters from Costco before they go bad. I've done better this time than a lot of other times I've bought them, so that's good. And it means we get to have Frittata!! According to the ol' blog here, I haven't made this since July! Good golly, is it possible it's been that long?! I'm excited for it--it's a healthy, light dinner that we always enjoy. I think I'm going to make some hash browns to go with it, and I have a container of Grands biscuits in the fridge that need to be used. I might make a fruit salad to go with it, or we have regular lettuce salad, too.

It's time for another trip to the potty for the boy, so here's the link to the previous post of this:

Vegetarian Frittata

I don't think I'm changing up much, although I may use feta instead of the parmesan cheese because I also bought feta at Costco, plus I think it would lend an interesting flavor to this. Yum...I'm excited for dinner!

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