Monday, April 6, 2009

New Dinner Plans

I think I'm going to rework my menu plan for the week and do things that I can either get ready during naptime and then throw in the oven when I need them or dinners in the crockpot. It's too hard trying to take the boy to the potty while trying to get dinner ready. So far tonight I left olive oil on the stove for too long, then left my frittata sitting half assembled for 10 minutes while I sat in the bathroom with him. Normally once the husband is home he could help with the potty duties, but he burned his hand on the lawn mower. Ugh. So, in order to avoid this chaos every night (and last night at dinner time was chaotic, too), I'm going to replan dinners. Not that anyone would have known I was doing that, I just felt the need to share.

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