Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Tomato Pie...not good. I actually took three bites and said I couldn't eat any more and had an HLT (hummus-lettuce-tomato) sandwich instead. For one thing, the crust wasn't baked enough. Or it was but the tomatoes made it soggy, not sure. The cheese topping is similar to one I make for this really good cheesy bread, so I figured it would be good. Nope. John thought maybe if we scraped the top off and had that on a toasted hamburger bun it might be good, but I was fine with my HLT and throwing the rest away.

Better luck tomorrow! Actually I know tomorrow will be good because I make it a lot. Another leftover chicken recipe...and it's in the crockpot! You're on pins and needles, I know. ;)

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