Monday, July 20, 2009

My husband is the best!

Like I said in my last post, we had a crazy weekend. The insanity began Saturday morning. It was my day to sleep in, and I was woken up by my cell phone ringing repeatedly with a number I didn't recognize. I was getting pretty irate actually, then the husband called on his cell. Apparently he'd been calling me from Lowe's because he wasn't getting cell phone reception in the store. He wanted to buy me a new fridge and wanted to make sure I was okay with it. Uhhhh...YES!!! I don't know if I had ever lamented on here about our fridge, but I hated it. I actually hated it from the moment we bought it. I wanted a stainless fridge with French doors and the freezer drawer on the bottom, but the husband didn't like those when we were looking four years ago. The fridge we bought then was totally falling apart--the deli drawer rail had broken, so the drawer was resting on a shelf, one of the produce drawers' rails had broken, so it was doing the same thing. While I didn't like the idea of spending money on a new fridge, I wasn't totally opposed to it because I hated our fridge so much. So...what kind did he buy? A stainless fridge with French doors and the freezer drawer on the bottom. Want to see it?

Like I said, that began the craziness. Thankfully we have a fridge in our garage, so we were able to move everything from our old fridge out there to store it. But, that was sucky moving all the stuff around out there to fit everything from inside.

For Mother's Day this year the husband gave me a certificate to use for a cooking class at Sur La Table, which is one of my most favorite places. I couldn't decide on what class I wanted to take and then saw a Summer Brunch class that was yesterday. I'm so glad that's the one I chose! There were five things that were going to be made--Quiche Lorraine, Crab Cakes, Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce, Frittata with Goat Cheese, Dill, and Smoked Salmon, and Mini Fruit Tarts. There were only two of us in the class, so we didn't make everything, we each picked one recipe we wanted to do, and then agreed on a third. We made the Crab Cakes, Eggs Benedict, and the Frittata. They were all so amazing!!! I will definitely be making the crab cakes sometime soon, and the Eggs Benedict was fantastic!!! I made the hollandaise sauce because that's the recipe I chose, and the instructor said it was perfect!! Woo hoo!! And she complemented my knife skills--pretty cool coming from a trained chef! So, that was the craziness yesterday. The fridge was delivered while I was gone, so my afternoon consisted of moving stuff into the new fridge and getting it all straightened out.

See...I told you my husband is the best!!


AndreaQ said...

Congratulations on the fridge! It's gorgeous!! And your cooking class sounds like so much fun!

Joanne said...

We got a refrigerator almost like that, but opted for 1 door instead of French...and in black. I love ours!

I hope you will post the recipes from your class when you make those dishes at home!

The Mulligan Family said...

whoo hoo! congrats on the new fridge. It's very pretty! I'm coveting your new appliance.

Glad you had a good time at Sur la Table. It really IS an amazing place. I can get lost in there for hours.