Friday, June 26, 2009

My Patio Garden

I kill plants. There, I've come out and said it. Rarely does a plant survive under my care, although I did have two plants in college that seemed to thrive and even survived the move to AZ. Actually one was moved by my former roommate Joanne, then when she moved back to WA she left it in my care--it had been in our apartment in college. Anyway, the boy had been asking to plant tomatoes recently, so when I found myself at Home Depot recently waiting for some paint to be mixed I went and looked at tomato plants. They were only $3 each, so I got one and a zucchini plant. We put them in planters on our patio, and so far so good! They've been in their new homes for a few weeks now and are still alive!! And they've even grown! Amazing!

The boy and our tomato plant:

The baby couldn't help but he hung out with us:


Little Red Ryan Hood said...

Did the Oswald episode have anything to do with Will wanting to grow tomatoes?

claireknightly said...

Yes, I'm fairly certain that's where the idea came from. Now let's just hope I don't have to plant a separate garden of tomato plants for snails to enjoy (although I don't think we have snails in AZ).