Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Confetti Pasta Salad

I'm spending a blissful afternoon by myself!! Well, the baby is here, but he's sleeping. My mom occasionally takes the boy so they can have a special day just the two of them. Fine by me on many levels--gives me a (usually much needed) break from the boy for a few hours and time alone with the baby. I dropped him off at 11:00 and I have yet to get the call that they're on the way here and it's almost 4:00! The baby and I ran some errands this morning, came home and had lunch, then when he went down for his nap I threw in some laundry and started working on cleaning out our office. The husband and I both want to get a treadmill, and this is really the only room where one will work. We have a decent size house, but it's full of junk. Isn't it amazing that no matter how big your house is, you can fill it up with crap?! So, I'm cleaning out the office. It's been pretty labor intensive because it's where I keep all my scrapbooking stuff. I used to do a lot of rubber stamping, but I haven't in a long time so I'm cleaning out that stuff too. Want to buy some rubber stamps or accessories? Let me know. ;)

Anyway, I'm taking a break to update the blog for a bit because I've fallen so far behind. Actually I think I only have this and one other that I missed, then once I post tonight's dinner I'm caught up. I did go through last night and update some reviews and add in pictures.

Monday nights the husband and I are leading a small group for our church. It starts at 6:30, so we need to have dinner done and cleaned up by the time people show up at our house. I had bought a ham at Easter when they were super cheap, so I figured Monday was a great time to make it. I just threw it in the crockpot with some cloves stuck into it and spread some Dijon mustard and brown sugar on the top of it and called it good. Not really worth posting a recipe since there wasn't much of one. I made this pasta salad to go with it so I wouldn't have to do anything at dinnertime except dish up plates. Here's the link to when I've made it before:

Confetti Pasta Salad

I had to change it up a bit this time because I didn't have any ranch dressing. I did have some of the packets to make your own, so I did that instead. I have to say I liked it better that way. I bought some red, yellow, and orange bell peppers on Sunday because they were super cheap ($0.88 each!!!) but didn't really know what to do with them. I used the yellow one in a salad on Sunday night, and then I thought of this pasta salad and the stars all seemed to align. Although the only pasta I had was alphabet pasta I had bought recently at Trader Joe's. Oh well...made for a fun dinner as we all would say what letters we were eating. :)

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