Sunday, August 10, 2008

This is so cool...

The husband went to play golf yesterday, so the boy and I went to my grandma's for the day. She's getting ready to move into an independent living facility (she's 90!!!), so we went over to help her pack. She had some stuff she had set aside that she wanted me to have, and while we were there I asked her about her cookbooks, if she was taking them with her. She was only taking a couple, so I jumped at the chance to look through them. She has some great church cookbooks from the church we used to go to when we all lived in Seattle. Anyway, my great aunt (my grandpa's sister) wrote several cookbooks during her life, which I had known about. My grandma has all of them, so I was looking through them and noticed on the cover of one it said, "James Beard award winning author."

My jaw dropped. My great aunt won a James Beard Award?!?!?!? First I called my friend Jen B. because I knew she'd want to hear it and would be as impressed as I was. Then I got on the James Beard website to see what she'd won it for. She won in 1994 for Healthy Focus Book for a diabetic cookbook she wrote, and then she was nominated for the same category in 2003. How cool is this?!?!?!?

So see...I have good cooking genes in me, so y'all are lucky you read my blog. ;)

I'll be back to cooking dinner tonight. This cold has really kicked my butt, and then yesterday we had dinner at my mom's. But tonight and the coming week it's back to the usual!

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