Friday, June 13, 2008


The casserole was really good! I hope Andrea and her family liked it. I just have to say that her little baby girl was so precious!! And so tiny! I had some reservations about how the sauce was going to turn out when I was cooking it because the mushrooms absorbed all the butter. I think maybe next time I'd saute the mushrooms in one tablespoon of the butter and reserve the rest to melt after I'd cooked them to help with the roux. Oh, and I didn't have enough milk to double the recipe, so I used a cup of milk and a cup of half and half I conveniently had in the fridge from a failed attempt at making ice cream last week (who knew you had to freeze part of the ice cream maker...not me, and that's why I don't have fresh peach ice cream in my freezer right now).

Anyway, the sauce thickened up nicely once everything was added. I think the recipe said to use medium low heat, but I had it on medium to medium high most of the time. I read somewhere once that mushrooms should be cooked at higher heat because of their high water content, otherwise they just get blah. Oh, and I added some peas in to the bowl with the ham and spaghetti before pouring in the sauce. I used a whole bag of peas, but I was doubling the recipe.

The husband took a bite and declared it immediately to be a keeper. If you don't dig on swine, I think chicken could easily be substituted for the ham.

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