Friday, June 13, 2008


The pork chops were decent. Turned out I had used the last of my rosemary, so I just went with the Pasta & Co House Herbs. I wish Phoenix had more cool places like Pasta & Co. Whenever I go to Seattle, I'm generally in an "I hate Phoenix" funk for a week or so. Seattle just has so much personality and character, while Phoenix is one big suburb with nothing but Applebee's and Walmarts. Anyway. The pork chops were okay. I don't think I'd ever grilled pork chops before, so mine was a little dry, but it was one of the thinner ones.

The potatoes I made, however, were AMAZING. I had only ever grilled potatoes when making shish kabobs before, so I wasn't sure how they'd turn out. I used one pound of red potatoes and diced them up (cut the potatoes into fourths and then diced up from there). I microwaved half a stick of unsalted butter (I only ever use unsalted butter) and added in some Montreal steak seasoning (actually it was Pasta & Co Seasoning Salt, but it's pretty similar to Montreal steak seasoning). I tossed the potatoes in that. I made a little tray out of aluminum foil (two sheets because I didn't have heavy duty) and poured the lot in there, then wrapped up the foil into a pouch. Because I was worried about butter leaking out and messing up my grill, I wrapped another piece of foil around the packet. Threw it on the grill on medium heat for 35 or 40 minutes, turning once. They were AMAZING. The husband said they were the best potatoes he'd ever had. WOW! I'll definitely be making those again. The only downside was that they'd been on for about 20 minutes by the time the pork chops went on, so I think that might be one of the reasons the pork chops were a little overdone because the grill was so hot.

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