Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My 2010 Attempt at Gardening

Last summer I attempted to grow a tomato plant and zucchini plant on our back patio. I failed. They were both growing really well for awhile, but I think I started them too late, and it just got too hot for them to thrive and produce anything. So this year I decided to get an earlier start. I was at Target recently when they had plants on sale, so I got a zucchini plant and a strawberry plant. I was going to get a tomato plant but then saw the strawberry ones and figured that would be better since my kiddos love strawberries.

The boy and I planted them a couple weeks ago, and so far so good!! The zucchini plant doesn't seem to be growing a whole lot but it does have blossoms on it, so I take that as a good sign. The strawberry plant is doing pretty amazing! I'd say we've gotten at least eight strawberries off it so far! Considering most things I try to grow end up dead not long after I plant them, I think eight strawberries is pretty spectacular.

Here are some pics of our patio garden...

The plant! See how it's thriving? (Never mind the size of it when I bought don't need to know everything...)

My helpers

Our first crop!

Mmmm...the fruit of our labors...


Me! said...

awesome! i started my first real garden this year and my goal was to get one thing i could eat from it. you met my goal!

Kim said...

That's fantastic! There are a few finicky plants out there, but for the most part they WANT to grow! Just give them water, light, and warmth :)

I think it's great the kiddos are involved, too. It's fun learning how things grow, especially things we eat.