Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pot Roast

Once again, I've fallen behind. BUT, you're going to get three posts tonight! Exciting, huh? I really have no excuse except that I've been lazy. Here's an example of just how lazy. I went grocery shopping on Monday morning. I came home, put the cold stuff in our garage fridge, left everything else in the back, and went to pick up the husband. All week I've been going to the fridge or car and getting what I needed. I just tonight brought everything inside. See what I mean?

So Monday night we had pot roast. Darn it, I had pictures to include and forgot to upload. We all know how bad I am at uploading after the fact, so you may very well never see them, but I'll try to do it tomorrow. Anyway, I can't remember if I shared that on my recent San Diego trip, I treated myself to a beautiful Le Creuset 6-3/4 quart French oven. I heart it very much and have coveted it for years now. YEARS. So this was my first use of it. This was also my first time doing a pot roast not in the crock pot.

Pot Roast
1 3-pound roast
1/3 cup red wine
2 cans beef broth

Coat bottom of pot with olive oil (make sure it's a pot that can also go into the oven). Slice onions in half (I used two), and once oil is heated, place flat side down in oil and brown. Flip over and brown the other side. Remove onions, brown carrots. Remove carrots. Season roast with salt and pepper (I also used some Montreal steak seasoning). Sear roast on all sides in pot, adding some more oil if you need it. Remove roast. Pour in wine and deglaze pot (you could also use beef broth for this). Once deglazed, add roast back to pot. Add in onions, beef broth, and carrots, placing onions and carrots around the roast. Move pot to oven preheated to 275. Check after three hours (for a three pound roast). When cooked, remove roast and let it rest for 5-10 minutes. Serve with carrots (and onions if you like to eat them).


The roast turned out pretty well. The meat was a little tough, but I think it was just the cut of meat, not my beautiful new pot. I can't remember now what the cut of meat was. I think next time I'll do it in the crockpot. The carrots were yummy. The roast was good, just a little hard to chew. The boy had a hard time with it so he mostly had carrots. I had wanted to make mashed potatoes to go with it, but my potatoes were bad and I didn't have enough instant. Oh, and usually when I make a pot roast I like to season it with a packet of Lipton Onion Soup, but I didn't have any this time.

Edit: I uploaded the pictures!! I can follow through on some things! First, a picture of my beautiful Le Creuset pot:

Isn't it so pretty? Don't you want one, too? Okay, next is the onions browning in the pot...and my new silicone-tipped tongs! I heart Williams-Sonoma!

Here's the roast being seared:

Isn't it nice to have pictures?! I should do this more often. :)


jen b. said...

Try a piece of parchment paper under the lid to create a better seal on your Le Creuset. The meat will not be as tough/dry.

jenanderson13 said...

Come shopping at my house for the lipton onion soup mix. I have about 6 boxes. Let me know if you want some.