Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Steak Fajitas

Last night we had steak fajitas for dinner. I wasn't really sure how to season the cousin's fajita seasoning recipe, my friend Jen B's fajita recipe, or find a completely new one. I decided to use my cousin's but change it up a bit.

My Cousin Kim's Fajita Seasoning Recipe

Her recipe uses chicken bouillon, but since I was doing steak I thought that might be weird. So I substituted for Montreal Steak Seasoning. I also added in a bit more cumin (because I really heart cumin) and instead of 2 Tbsp of chili powder, I did half chili powder and half ancho chili powder. I wasn't sure what the directions were on a packet of regular fajita seasoning, so I just used this like a dry rub on the steak I was grilling.

Wow. WOW!! This was super tasty!!! The meat was so flavorful. I loved the sort of crust it got on the outside of it from the seasoning rub. Even though i ended up using the meat for fajitas, I'd use this as just seasoning for a regular steak or London Broil. I will definitely make this again!

Thanks, Kim, for a great recipe!!

(Here's something weird...before I posted this just now, I noticed over on my side bar where I see who comes to my blog that something like four people had recently gone to my original post with the recipe. Isn't that weird?!)

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