Friday, March 13, 2009

Chicken Cacciatore

Don't get all excited, I'm not making some fancy new recipe. I'm taking the easy way out tonight. There's a thread on a message board I frequent about what products people like from Trader Joe's. It's pretty cool because you get first hand reviews of things instead of having to try them and see if they're any good (although I've rarely--if ever--been disappointed with something from TJ's). It's kind of like, which I like to peruse before a trip to TJ's. Anyway, the TJ Chicken Cacciatore Simmer Sauce got some rave reviews by other mamas on the message board, so I picked up a jar of it recently. All I'm doing is cooking some chicken and boiling some water for pasta. Oh, and heating up some bread in the toaster oven. I love an easy dinner on a Friday night! I'll let you know what I think of the sauce. I tried to find a picture online of it somewhere but no dice. I guess I could take a picture of the empty jar. Maybe if I bring my camera in from the car (we went on a fire station tour today!!) and remember to grab the jar out of recycling before the husband takes it out. Basically if the stars align, I'll take a picture of the jar. ;)

Happy Friday everyone! I think we're going out to dinner tomorrow night because 1) we'll only have the baby with us (who is being ridiculously cute right now, by the way, chewing on a giraffe toy/blanket (thanks Aunt Brookie!!) and trying to roll around on the floor), and 2) the husband got a bonus recently, and we need to celebrate. I think we may go to one of my favorite restaurants, Z Tejas. Mmmmm...margaritas!!


Mmmmmm. This was good. And easy. And a cheap dinner. Woo hoo--an all around winner!

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