Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm back!

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted. I went on a girls weekend with two of my college friends to Newport Beach, CA the weekend of July 24th, then I was home for a week and left again on the 31st and just got home last night. My boys and I flew to Boise to spend the weekend with my best friend Brooke. My mom drove from Phoenix and met us there, and we had a great time spending the weekend with her, her husband, and their one year old daughter who is one of the sweetest little girls ever!! Although I may be somewhat biased since I'm her pseudo-aunt. Then that Monday my mom and I loaded up her car with my crazy kids and drove to Seattle. Why yes I am a glutton for punishment, thanks for asking! The drive went surprisingly well, and then we spent a week in Seattle. The husband flew up and met us there for the week, and my brother lives there, so we had some great family time and got to do a lot and see a lot of my friends while we were there.

Now it's back to the daily grind. I have mostly new dinners planned for this whole week, so if they turn out well I'll be posting them here. I've decided that instead of trying to post everything I'm just going to start posting new things I make that we like. Why waste my time posting a sucky recipe, right? The husband and I are both getting our cholesterol checked on Thursday, so in an effort to have it be okay, we're eating vegetarian between now and then.

I did eat some fantastic meals on our trip. Instead of filling you in on everything (leave a comment if you want me to...I can talk about food all day!), I'll just post links to the restaurants that were the highlights.

Red Feather Lounge (in downtown Boise...fantastic breakfast...lots of local foods on menu!)

Fanci Freeze (another Boise establishment...we didn't eat here, only stopped for a Boston Shake...a must-try if you're in Boise...milkshake topped with an ice cream bobo of a four year old consumed most of the one we were supposed to share!)

Pike Brewing Company (in Seattle near the famous Pike Place Market...I didn't have any of their beer but the husband did and said it was awesome...I had a salmon sandwich that was so fresh and tasty, but I'm still kicking myself for not getting the ploughman's lunch plate with local cheeses and charcuterie)

Boundary Bay Brewery (in Bellingham, of my college stomping grounds...their Scotch Ale is my most favorite beer in the whole wide world...we were there for their Thursday night beer garden was awesome and they had outside toys for the kids...that made it even more awesome and my kids have never been as dirty as they were playing there)

Steelhead Diner (in Seattle also near the Pike Place Market...the husband and I had a date night here...fantastic food, reasonably priced wine list...I'd definitely go back...strangely enough, the red beans and rice was some of the best I've ever had)

Blue Star Cafe and Pub (in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood...great breakfast...especially if you had too much to drink the night before...the breakfast potatoes were was the biscuits and gravy I had)

We also had really good Chinese food from a take-out place near my brother's but I don't remember what it was called, plus I don't think they had a website.

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The Mulligan Family said...

Sounds like you have had a busy and FUN summer, so far! Hope your cholesterol check on Thursday goes well. It's always so nerve wracking to have tests - and then have to wait for the results. Looking forward to seeing some of your new recipes!

Cheers, Cindy