Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chicken Ceasar Wraps

I've decided to scrap the whole stuffed pepper idea. The thought of the filling having been sitting in my freezer for six months kind of skeeved me out. I went to check my freezers for ideas and saw a bag of Naked Nuggets I bought at Costco last week. I knew I had tortillas, salad mix, and Ceasar dressing, so my dinner idea was born!! It will be super easy to put together which is nice because I'm taking dinner to a friend that just had a baby, so I can throw these together when I get home from that.

A quick note on the Naked Nuggets. I had tried them at Costco months ago and really liked them but didn't buy any at the time. Of course--like is so often the case at Costco--the next time I went they didn't carry them anymore. I was so freakin' excited to see them giving samples of them when we went this past Friday. I snatched up a bag and then after we left regretted not getting one for my friend Jen since she had sampled them originally too and also really liked them. Both my kids loved the samples, and I love how healthy they are! Seven nuggets have only 140 calories, 3 grams of fat, and 25 grams of protein. I really hope Costco continues to carry these!!

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