Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I just signed up for a beginning cheesemaking class at Sur La Table this weekend!! I'm so excited, I just had to share. Here's the info on the class, in case you're curious:

Learn the foundational basics of cheesemaking and ways to use fresh cheeses from Chef Instructor Mary Karlin. Mary will share tips from her upcoming book, Making Artisan Home-crafted Cheeses, being published spring 2011. Students will taste sample cheeses that have been made ahead then discuss the styles and flavors. Students will work in teams to make all of the cheeses then share what they've made to take home. *Note: Price includes containers to take cheeses home.

MENU Panir from India: a dense, firm cow's milk cheese - Queso Fresco from Latino cuisines: a mild, crumbly cow's milk cheese - Chèvre from France: a soft, tangy goat's milk cheese - Ricotta from Italy: a creamy, mild cow's milk cheese

Now let's just hope enough people sign up for the class that we get to make all of them!! Last time I took a cooking class at Sur La Table there were only two of us signed up, so we had to pick and choose which of the menu items to make. Actually I've never had panir, so I could probably take or leave that, so let's just hope there are enough people to make the chevre (yum!!!), queso fresco (so I can make more Rick Bayless recipes!!), and ricotta (fresh ricotta is AWESOME!).


jenanderson said...

That sounds awesome. I am jealous. There is a cooking school right by my house that offers classes. I should check them out.

Brooke said...

Panir is realllly good!

Ed said...

Cheese making rules! It's been quite some time since I've had my hand in that though. Lately, I've been up to salting and curing pig parts with delicious results.

Claire said...

Ed, sounds interesting!! What are the end results, like bacon or prosciutto?