Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Did y'all think I've disappeared off the face of the earth? Almost. Not really. I went to start making the chicken spaghetti for dinner last Friday and felt really sick, a combo of allergies and morning sickness, which in my case is actually afternoon sickness. My beloved husband said why didn't I go lay down instead of making dinner, he'd eat at the friend's house he was going to later, and he'd make a hot dog for the boy. God bless good husbands!

Saturday night we went to the Diamondbacks game, so no dinner here. I was going to make this on Sunday night, but it was a really beautiful day here, and the husband decided he wanted to grill. He went and got brats and cooked those up for us. I tried my hand at making my mom's onion rings and failed miserably. I think I used the wrong kind of onions. Monday night I was going to make this but decided I'd rather have Pork Chops and Swamp (recipe will be posted after this). So we did. And it was awesome. I think I need to start making double the amount of Swamp because the boy really likes it, too, and there were barely enough leftovers for me to enjoy yesterday. The husband doesn't like Swamp. I almost called everything off when I found that out but then realized it meant more for me.

So we arrive at Tuesday night, and I FINALLY made the darn chicken spaghetti. It was yummy. Although it would have been yummier had I remembered to add in the chicken stock when I was stirring up all the ingredients. Oops. Definitely would have been better with that. The way it came out was a bit dry...the husband said it was like we were having leftovers a few days later that had kind of dried out. I'll definitely make it again...I love me a good casserole.

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