Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'll Be Back This Week!!

Hello all!! I'm finally starting to feel settled in the new house and am back in the swing of cooking dinners for my family instead of trying to use up things we had on hand to avoid trips to the grocery store or eating take-out of some sort. I've actually been back at it this entire past week and most of the week prior, but last week we were still getting settled, and this week the husband was out of town. I made dinner every night (well, except one or two) but it was all pretty boring kid-friendly stuff. The last thing I wanted when I was already doing it all alone was a fight at dinner about what we're eating. And I have to say, kudos to all you single parents out there!! This has been a rough week! Although there have also been a lot of big negatives happening that have made it worse.

But, the husband gets home tomorrow so all things can return to normal...thankfully!!!! I'm going away for a weekend next month with two of my girlfriends from college, and I'm about to start counting the days until I can leave the kiddos with the husband for a few days so he can learn to really appreciate all that I do around here!!

Anyway, I have my meal plan mostly figured out for the week, I just need to add in a couple more meals to round it off. My brother is coming to visit and gets into town on Thursday afternoon. Saturday night while he's here we're having a fiesta with my mom and my friend Jen and her family. I need to figure out what exactly I'm going to make for that. I've been holding a Rick Bayless cookbook hostage from the library for quite some time now, and when I tried to renew it once again today I couldn't, so I need to quickly scan through that and see if there's anything I must copy down before returning it.

Wow...I've obviously missed blogging. Talk about a whole lot of nonsensical junk in this post! I'll start a paragraph off with a valid point and then wind up on some crazy tangent by the time I'm done.

With that, I'm off to unpack some more toys and then get started on the second season of "Sex and the City."

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Jen B. said...

So happy you are gonna start blogging again. As if I am not co-dependent enough; I need to read your blog, too. ;)