Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Recap of the past few days...or maybe week

Our house has been infected with some horrible sickness. Well, not really, just the baby and me got it. It started out as a cold then Monday night it turned into a stomach bug, now it's just back to a cold. Yuck. We didn't do a whole lot yesterday, but updating my blog about food just really didn't appeal to me at all. Thankfully I'm feeling much better today, although food still sounds questionable. I'm resting in bed while the baby naps and the boy has "quiet time" in his room (I put it in quotes because he's not really quiet nor does he stay in his room), so I figured I'd bring my laptop along and get some blog updating done.

I really don't think I made anything new over the past week, so I'm just going to link to previous recipes and add in pictures if I took them since I may not have in the past.

Pot Roast

Andrea's Lasagna (which, by the way, is DEFINITELY my favorite lasagna recipe!)

Rick Bayless' Chipotle Shrimp (This wasn't as good this time...I used three chipotle peppers, and I think it was too many because it was REALLY spicy! The husband didn't even finish eating his, so I'll definitely use just two from now on when I make it.)

Aunt Holly's Gumbo

Cashew Chicken (I thought I took a picture of this, but it's not on my hard drive...I'll have to see if it's on my phone.)

I think that about does it for my past week or so of cooking. We had the shrimp on New Year's Eve and the gumbo on New Year's Day, then over the weekend we went to my mom's for dinner on Saturday, and Sunday I had a girl's night out with my friend Jen and my mom. Cashew Chicken was Monday night and then I haven't cooked since. And honestly as much as I love that Cashew Chicken recipe, I'm not sure if I can ever eat it again, which is very disappointing.

I do have one new recipe to post, but it's from Pioneer Woman, so I'll probably just link to her website (assuming it's on there since I used her cookbook for the recipe) but put the picture of ours on it. if I have to type it out, it might be tomorrow or early next week before I do it.

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