Sunday, March 27, 2011

I won!!

(This post has nothing at all to do with cooking...I'm just excited and figured this was a better place to share than my weight loss blog.)

The husband is out with some friends tonight, and I spent a chunk of the evening giving myself a facial and watching a few episodes of "Sex and the City." I was about to head up to bed but decided to check my dashboard here really quick to see if there were any interesting blog updates today.

There was a great one--I won a giveaway!!

Last night I was scouring the internet for decorating ideas for my kids' playroom. Please don't judge...I used to have a very exciting social life before I had kids. ;) Anyway, in all my Googling I came across an amazing blog that I'm now borderline obsessed with, Design Dazzle. It's all ideas for decorating baby, kid, and teen rooms and spaces. How cool is that?! Some friends on my message board suggested I do something with wall decals for decorations, and lo and behold Toni at Design and Dazzle was having a giveaway for a gift certificate to a wall decal online store, Say It On The Wall. I'm a lucky winner of a $40 gift certificate! Honestly I figured there'd be no way I'd win because I knew I'd be one of the last entrants since I think the giveaway ended last night about an hour after I came across it. I can't wait to pick out what I want to get. I looked on there a little last night and saw some really cute things. The prices were really reasonable, too, so I should be able to get a few things.

Check out Design Dazzle...there are some great ideas on there, as well as pictures of some rooms that are just amazing and completely unreal!

Design Dazzle

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Rachel said...

Congrats! It only takes that first time, then you're hooked (like yours truly!) Enjoy. :)

PS I have a giveaway going on right now on my blog! ;-)